The Department of Microbiology hosts a wide range of equipment for research in bacteriology, mycology, virology, microbial genomics and proteomics, analysis of host immunological profile, and animal study.

These include:

  • BSL2/3 laboratories equipped with multiple Biological Safety Cabinets, incubators, fridges and freezers, and animal facilities;
  • Dedicated facility for molecular study with separate preparation rooms supporting unidirectional workflow and minimal risk of cross-contamination, equipment and facilities for conventional and real-time PCR, fully digital imaging platform for capturing gel image, and Sanger, Illumina, and Nanopore sequencing;
  • Multiple advanced equipment supporting automated high-throughput specimen processing for various workflows, from nucleic acid extraction to tissue processing.

Additionally, we receive technical services from the Faculty Core Facility of the HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine, which provides state-of-the-art platforms for high-resolution imaging and flow cytometry, as well as from the Centre for Genomic Sciences, which provides support for different genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics applications.