Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


  • Diagnostic Laboratory Service: To be the best clinical service laboratory of Hospital Authority with special emphasis on emerging infectious diseases in Hong Kong and Southern China
  • Clinical Infectious Disease Consultations: Patients with infection are well treated
  • Infection Control: Prevent and control outbreaks of infectious diseases


  • To achieve excellence in service and professional training in infectious diseases and microbiology

Core values

  • Fairness, synergy, sustainability

“Together We Win, Apart We Lose”

Having a long-standing tradition of adopting a “Bench to Bedside” approach, The Department of Microbiology at The University of Hong Kong works closely with its affiliated Department of Microbiology at Queen Mary Hospital and Department of Clinical Microbiology & Infection Control at HKU-Shenzhen Hospital to provide excellent health care service in three major area.

Our Services